Sunday, 27 February 2011

Down with the dungarees!

Hello Dexys Midnight Runners, oh no..wait..
Dungarees are due to make a comeback this Spring/Summer and I for one think everybody should invest in a pair!
I bought myself some from COW vintage shop in Sheffield (
and I love them! I havent worn dungarees since the age of 8 and what a dull 12 years its been.

It was a toss up between some dark blue denim Tommy Girl ones or lightblue unbranded ones, I went for the lighter ones for a more summery look.
(I must explain/apologise for all my photos being headless and back shots! - this is because I usually do my blog late at night when I have no make up on and messy hair! but it seems to be the only time I get to do it)

I have planned my entire summer around them! okay abit extreme but I have decided what Im going to wear them with when I go to the beer garden, go to a festival, go to the beach, go dog walking on a summers eve etc. Basically I think they can be adapted to many styles and I definetly will be mix matching them up with boots, sandles, blazers, knits, blouses etc!

Dungarees are my summer staple.fact.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Girl Power

In today's Urban society, "fashionista" is not by any means a negative term.
Thanks to television shows like "Sex and the City" rather more specifically, thanks to actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker, the image of a "fashionista" has been modernized into a much more positive, powerful and successful feminine role.
Forget the shallow, bitchy, materialistic image so many people are quick to describe.
The truth is, it's the new millenium and the hottest trend right now, is that it's okay to be a woman again. The "fashionista" doesn't look at her femininity as a gender flaw. - Urban Dictionary

After years of playing and dabbling with different trends and being laughed at my by my elder brothers for being "vain" and "shallow" I now feel my passion for fashion is nothing to be ashamed of or shy away from in fear of looking materialistic.

I shall hold my head high and wear what others may laugh at - because unlike them I know what fashion is. meow x

Thankyou SJP & co.

Its not vintage stupid, its second hand

“It’s not vintage stupid, its second hand” is plastered on the plastic shopping bags of a “vintage” shop in Sheffield City centre. Other than this statement the shop has no name, slogan, logo or anything! It’s a miracle it’s become so popular – but it really has. EVERYBODY shops there, the other vintave shops amongst COW and Freshmans.

“It’s not vintage stupid, its second hand” makes me not want to call it vintage fashion anymore! But to be honest it’s taken me about 6 years to pick up on the ‘vintage’ title as I’ve always shopped in second hand shops for as long as I can remember so just for this blog I'll go back to my roots, I’ll call it second hand.

In “It’s not vintage stupid, its second hand” there are some real gems! Since being a student in Sheffield I have bought countless garments from there but my most prized position this gorgeous sequin top!

It’s the best impulse buy I’ve ever made and definite bargain! (The guy who owns the stock and runs the shop is a bit of charmer and haggler but he had nothing on me, I like to
 think my womanly ways and cheekiness got me this at a very desirable price!)
£35 with a tweed jacket thrown in - can you believe it! I’ve never had a buy like it, that’s a massive plus of second hand shopping alone, there are no set prices!
Reasons for loving this top – perfectly oversized, excellent condition for second hand, glamorous and such a statement and most of all it makes my breasts look bigger!

After buying this I became sequin obsessed! I’ve now got 3 sequins tops and 1 sequin jacket but none of them really compare to my original. I was always hunting for something unique, a real statement piece and I found myself buying ‘average’ tops, nothing that wowed me.
Until I spotted this!Topshop of course, cut out back with a cream bow, vertically sequined all over – it’s beautiful! The only problem with this top is it’s so fragile! I almost daren’t wear it in case it gets ruined – which compared to the second hand one is disappointing because that is so well made I think I could wear it to a rave and come out unblemished! (I don’t go to raves, just a bad example ha!)

I really wanted to upload photos of all my sequin garments to show the love, but it would just take too long!
My quest of collecting old and new sequin tops has been completed, embrace the sparkle x

Im just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time - Lady Gaga

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lace – a timeless piece

Last night I watched ‘Gok’s Fashion fix Roadshow’ Im sure you all know what this show entails! This week he was at Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre, Ive never been but I so want too! Any who this week one of the designer V high street looks was to create an evening outfit using lace. Previous to watching this Id been thinking of doing a blog about lace, because much like Brix I also think lace is a timeless piece.  
Lace for me is a guilty pleasure, I instantly feel attractive when wearing it but the good stuff doesn’t come cheap. (I find ALOT of lace in high street shops can cross the line from pretty to tacky) As a younger girl lace never appealed it was always ‘too girly’ for me and I could never see the attraction of ‘half made clothes’. How naive of me. It makes cringe to type this.

This is my favourite lace dress ! I love it for a million reasons but the main being - its flattering, its 3/4 sleeves (my favourite kind of sleeve!) and it can be dressed up or down.
Both Gok and Brix chose dark colours for their lace garments and I’ve got to say black lace has always been a staple for me, and it totally worked for their outfits. But I have been getting a little worried! Spring is round the corner and I don’t want to put my black lace away and I’m thinking why Should I! I absolutely the gothic/romantic look and most likely will still embrace it through the warmer days. However I can’t deny that with the nicer weather my love for softer and brighter colours will emerge, so with this in mind I’ve been doing some browsing for some sexy summer lace.
This is my favourite River Island is in my top 5 high street shops and it’s for skirts like this that’s put it up there! The colour is exactly what I’m looking for, and the mid length totally appeals to me, a bit of class! I can definitely see me tucking a mustard silk sleeveless shirt in, mustard heels and big bangles.

Topshop of course have accommodated lace in the shift of seasons, 

this peachy tunic is beautiful, and this is what I’m looking for! Pastel colours but the winged arms still give it that romantic feel.
Another Topshop

Gorgeous apricot jacket, embroided with white lace. This is everything I wanted, as a big lover of vintage clothing this has got to be the one. The colour, the lace and my kind of look!  Perfect.
There’s a lot of lovely laces out there for everyone this spring and summer, but be daring an embrace your black winter laces too! Peace x

Monday, 21 February 2011

Mysterious Fashion Textiles of Sheffield

Today walking back from university I cut through Sheffield’s 'Winter Gardens' only to spot the most creative and beautiful textile work ever! I’ve titled the blog this as I’m afraid I have no idea of who created the pieces or why, which is so frustrating! and what’s even more disappointing is on Sheffield’s events website there’s no mention of the little exhibition and I’m sure if it was featured online it would of grabbed a lot more viewers than it did, I guess I’m one of the lucky few who stumbled across it.

But any who the theme was nothing like I’ve seen before, focusing on the human body and organs to produce dresses, I’ve included just some (they're all equally beautiful!) these are personal faves..

The "Sperm Dress" Inspired by sperm can you believe it! It’s so striking. I love the simple yet affective technique, its one I’ve tried myself and it’s ever so time consuming but not too tackling, on the info post it says it took 120 hours to create!
It’s gorgeous and something I wouldn’t think twice about seeing on a high end fashion cat walk!

This dress appears to represent the lungs and intestine (I wish there was more info about this exhibition!) It’s stunning! It’s everything a catwalk dress should be, eye catching, daring and impractical. Love it; again it has been successful in its representation. The feathered back is gorgeous and a look I adore! It reminds me of the feathered skirts that were in the high street shops a few months ago, like this! The creativity of the people who made these is just amazing, I did a fashion textiles course at A-Level and never produced anything as beautifully designed or that carries powerful and interesting connotations as this!

The 'Spine' dress, this one was probably the most practical of them all but none the less eye catching. The trail is just perfect and I’m in love with the low scoop back, this silver spine speaks volumes! The use of horse like hair coming from the neck gives it an almost ghostly look to it, it sure does get the desired affect across. A more conventional style of dress but still equally stunning with a clear theme behind it.

  I believe this one represented the meeting of egg and sperm, usually a topic Id avoid in all honesty but put it on a dress and I won’t shut up! Excellent choice of colour, monochrome is not usually my cup of tea but if there ever was a colour needed to signify a coming together of such opposites it would be black and white! Again, credit to designer/creator. Beautiful dress!

Very impressed with these dresses and it really makes me want to get my sewing machine out! I’m sorry that not all the dresses are featured not all of my photos turned out! If anyone has any extra info about this exhibition please let me know, I’m intrigued! x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Love Leather

I have so much love for my black leather jacket and Ive pretty much lived in it throughout winter squishing it on underneath my parka but now the bad weather is easing off a little I've totally been to embrace it without freezing to death! Here I am before university and before the tights! (it may be a degree or so warmer but tights are still a must!) this is a typical everyday outfit for me, however this time there was no biiig parka hiding my little black beauty.

Since finding my love for leather jackets Ive became a bit obsessed and found myself hunting for one that doesnt carry such a 'rock chick' look to it and one that preferably isnt black so I can wear it more daringly in spring without feeling I have a bit of winter on my shoulders. But do still embrace black leather in spring it is doable! it’s just I want a new look as well as this! On this hunt I came across countless sleeveless light leathers but none of them particularly wowed me so I began to give up.

Until I spotted this tassled babe! Ive had ALOT of mixed responses to this jacket, but like most things in my wardrobe I only take note of the positive! I love how out there it is, it’s everything I want, leather, neutral colour and different! Im going to share a story with you which will either leave you thinking "you shouldnt of bought it!" or "what a quirky old dear".

 So, I was in TKMaxx browsing with eagle eyes as you do, that shop seems to have no order to it whatsoever! when me and some lovely old 60 something where looking down the same rail and opposite ends, from head view she seemed to be your average pensioner until she stepped from behind the clothes rail and revealed her purple velvet trench style coat, fur scarf and leather boots! I just smiled and thought she looked cool, then I saw this in her hand and I was like 'oh my god' and she must of read my face because she shouted 'Gorge isnt it!' Im laughing as I type this, I want her as my nan!  any who, with minutes she was back on her way over to me waving the jacket in her hand and said "you have it dear I bloody can’t get in it!".

So here we are, this tassled number is now mine, although it could have easily been a 60 something’s if only it was a few inches bigger this has left me questioning my fashion sense! but I can’t deny the love for it and I cannot wait for some warmer weather to whip it out! I may even invest in from cowgirl boots to go with.

If your looking to get a similar look Miss Selfridge have done a spring jacket similar to mine, its gorgeous! 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Spring please be sprung!

After what feels like the longest winter ever! I am so ready for spring, please just hurry up!
as much as I love the mild weather and longer days I have to admit I usually adore winter fashion so much more than the spring/summer ranges, this is usually down to the colours used for the season and this year was no exception, I really didnt think I was going to be leaving my chunky knit cardis,blouses, leather skirts and tights anytime soon until I saw this..
(for some reason the photos URL wont work?!)

I saw it while shopping with my BBF and we both fell in love with the whole tassle look range, everything from it being sleeveless to the cheeky belly show, it just makes me want some sunshine! Its a tshirt I think  that can be adopted to so many different looks but as me and my BBF said "ohh! in summer with some little  denim shorts!"  the more I look at it it reminds me of ke$ha and as much as I think she should get a shower and stop singing about being a drunk whore I do think she dresses so cool! so taking this naughty inspiration on board I think Im going to wear it along with a brown leather sleaveless jacket (Ive found the perfect one in Zara for £29.99 but it not on their website!) maroon head scarf and maybe alternate between grey pixie boots with ankle socks  in spring and simple leather sandals in summer!

They have tassled tops in all different shapes/cuts and colours so have a look !lovelovelove

Friday, 11 February 2011

Billionaire or Blogaholic

So Ive been blogging for less than 24 hours and Im about to post my fourth and have two still in editing, is this obsessive?
Im really enjoying having somewhere to put my thoughts on posts and articles or whatever it may be that Ive read throughout the day, as I was browsing today I came across this.. "If you go into blogging wanting to make money you will fail (or at least write some terrible content).”

Of course I never joined with the intent of making money but I did hope maybe someone would read it, enjoy it and pass it on to a wonderful person who would like me to work along side them in their wonderful empire of fashion,beauty and general happiness related job - dream! (this dream is a little blurry but im pretty sure id like to go into the fashion industry as a PR practioner) but now I feel a little disheartened so to boost spirits I followed this trail and came across .."Oh, and I participated in a documentary about fashion bloggers, in which I discussed how much money you can make doing this (not a ton! Don't quit your day job!).."

This was in a blog by a fellow fashion blogger, a much bigger and largely followed blogger who I aspire to be like. The dream was officially shattered, or so I thought. I was reading through FashionBinges' blogs and I can see that they have a very demanding and hectic life style and blogging is a huge part of that and something that they enjoy and it made me dream seem unimportant, as I started this blog saying how much pleasure Im getting out of blogging just because I may not see success through doing this, the fun of it is much more rewarding. Each time I press publish post Im happy to know that my opinion that in 'real life' would more than likely go unnoticed is now floating around ready for anyone to read and review.
So from this I can take these comments on board knowing that Im not in the blogging bizz for money but becuase I thoroughly enjoy it (hope Im not being too hasty here!)

First Love

If your like me and youve spent your life shying away from experimenting with eye make up
Its true what they say - 3 is the magic number!
Bourjois Smokey Eye Trio is brilliant, through my teenage years I that always feared having such little eyes and pimply skin I would never find a shade that would open up my eyes AND compliment my skin tone, but after years of this silly attitude the heavens opened and I have found my first eye make up love, Im as giddy as anything!

Before buying the product I read some reviews online, the majority being positive but you can never truely go on ones experience with make up because there are so many factors like eye size, skin type etc that make products instantly different for each consumer but I went for the plunge anywho.
Im actually really tempted to upload a before and after photo of my eye using this product because the difference is incredible!
so all you beautiful eyed people in denial go play with this and discover your sexy eyes!

to read reviews go to -

Alexa Chung Love

Alexa Chung is my girl crush ! I think she definetly one of the most beautifully formed people alive. from head to toe I have nothing but envy ! Ive got to admit for me she my main inspiration when it comes to fashion but one of the few famous people that arent constantly plastered all over celeb magazines (for the wrong reasons) that Ive actually bothered to read about and find out more about her life.. and it seems she is so likeable!

Sometimes I feel Alexa is so understated, okay shes renowned for being a quirky and funny presenter, model and all round beauty but its because of all these reasons I wonder why shes not always up there with the top women who teens idolise or aspire to be like. I know when I was a teen, finding myself and experimenting with different looks, Alexa was never there in my mind I always wanted to be Britney and look at her now...(no offence britzzzzzz)
but really I just want to hammer home that she is naturally beautiful, apparently lovely and so it seems an all round good egg who is successful,intelligent and glam! that is something all women should aspire to be isnt it?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Baby Blogger

Here we go!
This is my first ever blog and its been a long time coming! as a PR and Communications student I probably should of been in the blogging world before now. but hey ho.
Im here and Im ready to bombard my little corner of the world wide web with topics that interest me concerning fashion and general life! broad topics i know!
The purpose of setting up this blog was to help build my confidence in writing about things that interest me like fashion! and I know what your thinking "oh not another fashion blog!"
this is me! posing in my nannys top, big eyes and sweaty gym socks on the bed!
I think this could be a little insight to what you may stumble across in my blogs haha!
enjoy x