Sunday, 22 May 2011


So I was vintage shopping the other day and came across a Chanel scarf - I LOVE it, although Im not convinced its real, if theres any experts out there do let me know.
It was a scandalous £3! absolute steal, even if it isnt real!

In other news..

Its coming to the end of my tenancy at the place Im living at the minute, so in an attempt to make the packing less of a stress in a few weeks time I started to clear out my room. I ended up with 3 bin bags and a pile of unwanted clothes and since Im suspended from eBay (dont ask) I had no idea what to do with them! I gave a good lot to charity but some of it is just too good to give away, I sound awful but you know, good clothes dont always come cheap!

So with this in mind I started an online shop! Its only been going for 2 days, Ive had a little bit of positive feedback and Im loving it! Basically Ive used this post to advertise my own shop, as well as stating Im not giving anymore clothes to charity.
 I sound like a money grabbing bitch!

Check my shop out - Facebook; cub vintage  //  Twitter; cubVINTAGE

much appreciated x

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