Friday, 29 April 2011

recycle, recycle, recycle

For those who know me well, will know that I love anything second hand, recycled, reworked, reused or any other word you can think of thats related!
I tend to mix and match old with new, I LOVE digging out something from years ago and finding a new use for it and that is exactly what I did today.

This dress is from Topshops beachwear range and originally was calf length, until I pinned it and hitched the waist in using a Zara belt.

These socks used to be leggings that got a rip on them bum! making them useless, until I cut them to make cute school style socks

This bag is from a vintage shop and originally came with a gold chain, when that snapped I replaced it with a little black cotton belt from an old dress and tied it in 2 places to create a shoulder bag and hand bag.

The old chain is now used as a bag charm or necklace.

Street Style Friday

This my first Street Style Friday post!
Its the day of the Royal Wedding and I went out hoping to find lavish hats, England flag printed blazers and nails and dozens of petticoats but no such luck !
However I found a small hand full, and I mean a very small handful of wonderfully dressed people who were out to celebrate the Royal Wedding.
The hat and the heels did it for me here, a touch of traditional elegance in such a contemporary and playful outfit.

 I love the tweed jacket and red jeans together, the red stitching throughout his jacket is complimented by his jeans and wacky printed tie. He was probably the most royally dressed chap there! 
He was terribly humble and modest and almost clueless to what a little style icon he is.
THIS is what I was after!
this lovely lady is a vintage jewellery maker who focuses on working with textiles and second hand pieces, she seemed very casual about having her photo taken and I presume Im not the first to ask! which wouldnt be surprising as she said she dresses like that everyday, how charming!
She looks truely royal and elegant head to toe! If she were to attend the Royal Wedding I assume she'd be put into the 'best dressed' category as she ticks all the boxes.
sensible length
 fitting colour scheme
 lovely kitten heels and of course the fascinator hat.

To check out her stuff, see where shes at or to book a craft party go to!/pages/the-button-tin/121234131231503

Be sure to wear your best on a Friday!

Royally Sheffield

Oh what a beautiful wedding it was! Ive never been overly fussed about royality until now, maybe Im just caught up in the fairy tale that has been today, or maybe Im a changed person. Who knows, but what I do know is Alexander McQueens Sarah Burton is one great designer & what an honour it must have been to work alongside a Princess.
RIP Alexander McQueen & Princess Diana

So in my new found love for all things royal, I went to Devonshire Green, Sheffield. Where a street party was held for the coming together of William and Kate. Unfortunatly I missed the majority of it but I did get some good snaps for my StreetStyle Friday (which will be posted shortly)

One person on Twitter said how Sheffield street party was "a chance to sell things at extortionate prices and look cool" and another said that "Devonshire Green is full of yuppies"

If independent local business's cant come together to share their services and produce on such a wonderful and rare occasion then I just dont know, words fail me.

It was a lovely little event that carried a true feeling community and genuine happiness, whether that be for the wedding or the extra day off I dont know!

Congratulations Wills and Kate !

Thursday, 28 April 2011

what I love at the moment..

#1 Neutral Colours – Im a recovering tanaholic, ive been doing great but Ive now hit a brick wall. Ive discovered my love for neutral colours, especially in the form of blouses and skirts. Im sure youll all agree with me when I say nudes and neutrals look better on a skin with a glow, for me its unruly to be pasty pale and embrace tones similar to your natural skin tone. its just wrong.
So with this in mind and my 2 new nude items Ive found myself rubbing on the fake bake. Its not as a bad as sounds and its not half as bad as it was. Ive done it once in 8 days and maintained a healthy even glow by exfoliating and moisturising. I almost feel no guilt, as before I was doing 4-5 a week and looking like a Kardashian.


#2 Growing my hair – it’s been a long and dull process and something Ive nearly gone back on several times now. But Ive seen it through and my hair is now at my lobes! I have officially said goodbye to the pixie crop and hello to ever nearing bob.

#3 Twitter – obsessed. It was bound to happen as Im a social media-holic/lover. It was only a matter of time before my entire life, hates and loves where forced upon those poor few followers that I have. @jennycub

#4 Egypt – booked 258 days in advance and we're now on 60 days! can not wait to be hot, tanned, care free and indulging in all inclusive food and drink 24/7 with my favourite.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

happy days

Summer: I named my cat after Springsteen.
Tom: Cool... what was his name?
Summer: Bruce.
Today I got up at 8:30 in time to get to the hair dressers before they fill up with bookings and thank god I got there in time, not before taking a detour to the laptop shop to sort my netbook out though! Its seems to be one thing after another lately but I am really happy how today turned out, I anticipated the worst;
 up early
laptop not fixed
 hair not done
 long lonely day in Sheffield.

but it turned out the opposite!;
 laptop fixed
 fabuloussss hair
 girls round/500 days of summer
 wander down to a near by vintage shop! 

or you'll end up paying a silly amount to look good again.

How have you spent your day?
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 25 April 2011

France and the maxi dress

Over the easter holidays I went to visit my bestfriend in France, it was a well needed break and I totally made the most of it! We visited her town Sedan, which is the very north of France, Paris and Disneyland Paris. All of which were equally amazing for their own reasons but in this blog I have included just a few photos from Paris and Sedan!

 France was a lovely 27degrees while I was there so the maxi was a great idea! I slotted right into the streets of fashionable France in this little number. My bestfriends mum even said I look glam! when wearing a Primark £11 maxi that is a massive compliment!
Most days we were up at 7 and out by 8 meaning that we had a packed day getting around on foot. So I ended up ditching the sandals and going for some grey pixie boots that are a little more comfortable and a really good look! my bestfriends dad said "boots and a dress, isnt that what Miley Cyrus does?" haha
 I look silly here
 My bestfriend, her sister and me outside europes biggest castle (I think, I learnt so much its hard to remember it all!) see, dont you think the pixie boots and maxi works wonders?
 I love these old tired French windows, oh it oozes beauty!
 Being the old romantic that I am itd be wrong not to take a photo of the bridge of eternal love! All these locks have couples names scratched on and written on the locked on to stay there forever to represent their  strong and enternal love for one another
 Getting all arty farty. The Lourve Pyramid ! I love this, and I touched it! The Da Vinci Code is one of my favourite films of all time and to be here was just amazing.
 The Eiffel Tower! breath taking, like many photos of it Ive seen, mine also doesnt show the brilliance of this structure. It is much bigger than I imagined and very intimidating, in a good way!  if thats possible? I would go back in a flash, even looking at this photos triggers the total awe I was in when I first saw it.

From this trip I learnt that I love France and I love Maxi dresses, especially at the same time.
au revoir x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Beautifully Casual

Its Thursday and my hectic week is coming to an end, but only to start all over again on Monday! Im not actually complaining, if im not busy I find myself getting awfully fed up and creating work for myself! One thing I have noticed this week is how my wardrobe as gotten less and less creative as the week goes on, a sign of the work load taking its it toll I think! but again, Im not actually complaining! Ive enjoyed getting up and doing the
 'I just threw this on'
 look, without trying!

Im not a big jean fan, or atleast I wasnt I think Ive been converted this week, Ive found myself enjoying the dress down look as Im usually the one tottering around university in heels and blazers, but Ive totally embraced the jeans and tee look and felt good doing so!

As a teen I was a tad chubby and found myself feeling lardy and big in tight fitting jeans, thankfully that is no longer the case. So with my new found slim confidence Ive been sporting a casual look with a Spring vibe.

Today Im wearing

Im really sad that none of the body shots turned out! So I apologise for the bad qaulity/silly poses!
Jamie Jeans @ Topshop
Striped Tee @ H&M
Peach Blazer @ H&M
Chain @ Topshop
Yellow Clutch @ Jonathan James

Highstreet casuals at their best.

Reb'l Fleur: Street Style Friday's

Just a quickie!
So this is the first time Ive ever been stopped in the street and photographed and I could get used to it! A fellow blogger (who is linked below) creates a street style post every Friday and last Friday I was lucky enough to be part of it :-)
I was stopped for my daring floral maxi trousers, and it wasnt the first time. Theyve been a real hit with the public and Ive been asked several times where their from which again is a total compliment! and something I really dont mind sharing but you'll never guess...Primark!

This has inspired me and Im very tempted to have ago at creating my very own street style blog, so dress your best as you may be snapped :-)

Follow the link to have a peek

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Trip to Leeds

I LOVE Leeds!
Since Ive been having a hard time lately, what with university deadlines, exam prep and student loan hassle I gave myself the day off to go to Leeds to visit my brothers.
It was a great day filled with new sights, new foods, laughs and relaxation. Ive always been a fan of Leeds and often find myself comparing it to Sheffield, as much as I love Sheffield I cant help but get really exicited over Leeds.

This visit wasnt solely based on having some family time, I also had a meeting with a lovely woman from Leeds City Council Marketing Department who is looking for fashion bloggers to help promote the fashion and haberdashery stalls in Leeds Kirkgate market with a Gok Wan inspired challange of Hightstreet VS Market. The idea is to do have a team of 2 on each side, meet up and discuss up coming trends for the months ahead and then go out and create an outfit on that months particular trend e.g. Maxi dresses.

From this each side will produce a blog that will be slightly different but including where its from, practicality, price, comfort, tips etc etc.

This is a 6 month challange and in the final month I proposed that we should hold an event to celebrate the bloggers and fashion/haberdashery stalls success but Im keeping that one a secret! so if it all goes ahead, wish me luck!
Anywho, I had to throw that in there but my main aim of this post is to highlight the wonderful sights of Leeds. Its such a great place with so many opportunities and Id be very happy if I ever landed a job in such a wonderful city :)

From window displays in the most prestige shopping area of Leeds

 to architecture
To say Im not a photographer I love how I captured this building, sleeeeek!

 Looking over Leeds at night ahh

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Denim on denim//TTFN

Hello all! you may have noticed that lately Im not posting a million times a week as usual, I wish I could say its because Ive been away on a fantastic once in a life time holiday or had a series of wonderful events to attend but unfortunitely not.
Ah it upsets me to talk about it, but Ive been a victim of fraud and had my student loan stolen so my week has consisted of police phone calls, uni meetings, press interviews and sitting in the killer que to speak to someone at rubbish student finance (who, by the way are to blame for my loan being stolen. their security system is awful Im too angry to even go into detail but if you are interested have a read
Anywho onwards and upwards - its not been all bad. Ive had a lovely weekend at home with the family and now have a super hectic week ahead of me filled with interviews, meetings and deadlines and although Im stressing and my blood pressure is ever rising I dont think Id like it any other way!

Less about me.
Be honest, we've all turned our nose's up at denim on denim at some point Im as guilty as the next guy! and now Im sat hanging my head in shame thinking;why did I choose Disney print leggings and a Spice Girl bomber jacket over mums recommendation of denim jeans and denim jacket.
But now is the time to STOP.denim has been taken out of its comfort zone and thrown on and on and on and on..basically go wild if you can work 3 different denims in one outfit I take my hat off to you!
This is a look Im going to embrace,
Ive got my light blue denim summer dress and whie denim 3/4 sleeve jacket at the ready!

Any denim shoe ideas ?

PS// giving the current quarter life crisis Im having I may be away for a while :(