Tuesday, 29 March 2011

summer stress

Im currently sat in the library at uni, head in hands and stressing out over all my assignments and deadlines. I never do general blogs that are centred around me, but today I am. Its a little cry for help, I just want a break and to relax.

So in avoiding my work (which is so unlike me! Im quite the eager beaver) I found this photo, she's beautiful, the outfit is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful. its just beautiful! and now I feel okay - its a little reminder that when I complete all my work Im free to enjoy the sun and stroll the streets of Sharm El Sheikh, hopefully as glamorous as this!

So if your in the same position as me, with books piled head high and trying your absolute hardest to do your best and plan thoroughly for the scariest year of your life (third year) take a breather and remember it'll all be worth it.

PS/ this post has got my totally excited for my holiday! yey

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fantastic Man//Gentlewoman

Fantastic Man is a mens fashion magazine; it is renowned for its arty approach and detailed interviews with celebrities and intellectuals.

"...the best fashion mag out there ... Fashion-forward, clever, deeply engaged with the fashion world"

Theres been many times in my life where Ive said "I wish I was a boy" I have several reasons for this -
:I get along with boys better than girls, it would of made growing up alot easier
:I adore mens fashion//they can dress lovely on a lesser budget than girls
:Fantastic Man magazine.

However strong I feel about the above, theres still nothing better than being a woman.
 The Gentlewoman is the Fantastic Man's little sister magazine.
It is filled with inspirational and intellectual woman, bringing together ambitious journalism with an intelligent perspective of fashion to create a magazine that oozes passion, power and good looks
Reading this magazine highlights the fantastic things being a woman offers, admittedly this sometimes needs to be drilled into me when having a 'fat day/bad hair day/ugly'

They are both equally as arty, fascinating, inspirational and intellectual.
& I can say with confidence that if I were a boy, Fantastic Man would definetly be my holy grail.

Amy Winehouse//Fred Perry

This is a love I didnt expect to have - Amy Winehouse and Fred Perry together.
Ive always liked Winehouse's dress sense but it never really wowed me, we've all done the skinnies, perry and neck scarf in your hair, so I didnt have high expectations of her's and Perrys collaboration.

I eat my words! she has brought a new life to the brand, before womens wear was quite limited and arguable not womanly at all, your options were to wear a shapeless Perry dress or dress up a standard Perry Shirt but with thanks to Winehouse, Perry has introduced everything from a halter neck dress to a clutch.

Sleeveless Fred Perry @ £72.00
Absolute fave, I dont own anything like this and cant wait to get my mitts on it! It really does have that Winehouse vibe about it, I like that you actually get sense of her through what shes designed.
 Definite Summer buy

Fred Perry Gingham Playsuit @ £105
Gingham is a material that we all associate with table cloths and pinnies, but not anymore! Its been on and off the catwalk since the 90's and this summer it is back, so this is playsuit is bang on trend.
 As Im a mass playsuit horder this is right up my street!

The Lady herself

Fred Perry knitted shift dress @ £82.00
Everyone should own a shift dress, this is simplicity at its best. This dress oozes 'coolness' (probably the cringest thing Ive ever said) but its true! Its one of those understated pieces, that only a few people would look at and appreciate, to some itll be 'just a black dress' but its so much more, its simplicity offers you to dress up or down but personally I like it just the way it is!

Amy Straw clutch bag @ £77.00
Absolute favourite, Im a sucker for clutch bags! I own far too many but recently have been on the hunt for a straw clutch, this is perfect. Its one of the few pieces in Winehouse's range that could be described as elegent.

Amy Hawaiin scarf @ £31
The famous neck scarf of course has made the collection, Im a big lover of neck scarfs and think you cant go wrong wearing a little colourful one that compliments your outfit. and this, jsut like the rest of the collection is perfect, its a little on the big side for me but its non the less gorgeous.

Loafer @ £62
The staple loafer - who doesnt own a pair? the sort of shoe you can throw on with any outfit and look good.
They are unbelievably comfy and are great for summer.

What do you think to the Amy Winehouse range?


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Granny Chic

Today I read something that really annoyed me; annoyed me not only because it is slating fashion, but making uneducated comments towards two of the most beautiful and styled women of today, I mean come on!

I might be alone on this, but here I see real fashion. Not conforming to any rules but oozing true originality. However the Daily Mail seems to think that these outfits are an example of Mary-Kate dressing too old for her age.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are 24 years young, if they always dressed their age you'll probably make negative comments then! Look at Britney, Paris Hilton and Lilo they've recieved more negative comments than positive on their outfits and why? because they dress suggestively and can get away with it 'because their young'

"Fashion emergency: Mary-Kate's evening outfits are not your typical red carpet attire"
So Glamour, fashion, elegency, feminity and beauty isnt your 'typical red carpet attire? please.

This has clearly been written by someone who lives in a cave and can not even begin to grasp the diversity, originality and fun fashion can offer.

PS/ Im 20 years young and have been preached at many times for dressing in 'granny clothes' or even 'clothes that people have died in' so maybe the rant is because its a little close to home!

Craft Candy Fair Sheffield

Usually when heading back from the gym Im hood up and head down but today I just couldnt avoid going into the Millenium Museum.
if its Handmade, original, individual, fairtrade, local or cute you have my attention! hence my 45 minute stay at the Craft Candy Fair!

it makes me happy when events like this have a good turn out

  'sugar paper gang'
probably one of the most colourful stands there. I just had to take a photo of all the cute wallets, note pads, badges and a DIY sewing kit!

  'sugar paper gang'
one of my favourite items! ha I love a good play on words

 Alsager Pottery
dishes, teapots, plate sets etc are a guilty pleasure of mine. It may sound odd but its true! its so frustrating being a university student with no real need or money to invest in a nice kitchen set but I literally can not wait until I can. I adore beautiful pieces like this and have totally thought out my 'good plates' 'everyday plates' 'christmas plates' 'show cupboard set' you catch my drift..

 Alsager Pottery
They look like they belong Emmerdale Farm or in our Grannys cupboard but that is what makes them so desirable! the fact they are all hand made and decorated just adds to it. They are lovely.

 Elodie G
'I am not old and these are not my grandmothers clothes I am just into crafts' I know too many people I could buy this for!

Elodie G
One of my favourite stalls and another guilty pleasure of mine - cute and witty illustrations. As a child whenever we visited anywhere that sold postcards, bags, notepads anything! with an illustration on or cute, meaningfull, comical few words Id always ask for it. I have toybox full of these bits, I love it.

Mollys Mum
This is the first stall I visited and this is why - I love brooches, my little collection is made up of old vintage ones that Ive bought or been given by my nan, it was nice to see some playful ones!

As a self confessed horder of all things beautiful I probably shouldnt have gone to this! but it really was lovely, Id like to say a big well done to all crafts people - its nice to have a day where their talents can be celebrated.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Syd and Mallory

The second sunny day in Sheffield and what better way to spend it than shopping and picnicing on the Devgreen!
pretty Dividion Street, Sheffield

Syd and Mallory is boutique that has been bundled in between shops alike down one of Sheffields coolest streets, Division Street!
The decor is beautifully done with a vintage and traditional feel to it, but the stock is even nicer! The majority of it is handmade to create 're-worked fashion' however they do sell some second hand stuff too.

'my tabacco' pouches are adorable! Im not a smoker, and I think its a dirty habit but it doesnt stop these tabacco purses being the cutest thing ever! - and dont worry if your not a smoker they offer to sew your name or anything youd like onto a pouch!

For me this was more than your standard 'vintage shop' it had a totally different vibe, more convincing in portraying a truely individual style and cool orignal stock.

After eyeing up a far few pieces Ill be back there at the end of the month with a pocket full of pennies!

Syd and Mallorys Boutique.
Unit 10, The Forum.
127-129 Devonshire Street.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Chelsea Girl

River Island is relaunching its heritage range - Chelsea Girl. Did you know when River Island first started out that was the companies name? and did you know River Island is still family run business? Isn't that nice :-)

Anywho, I started noticing the Chelsea Girl range through winter when they introduced some really cute skinny jumpers but its not until now that Ive really been wowed by the range.

Light denim Chelsea Girl jeans @ River Island
also available in dark denim for a really retro look!

Personal fave! 60s inspired flared jeans are due to make a come back and I can see why, I think we've all worn our skinnies to death and its about time hour glasses like me got back into a shape that flatters our figure

Mid wash denim pinny @ River Island

Pinnys are adorable! I bought one similar from H&M. Throughout winter I wore it with heavily patterned purple, green and brown tights, grandad cardigan, brogues and lots of gold jewelery!

However Ill be sporting the 'less is more' look this summer.
Im thinking colourful espredrilles, oversized sunhat and huge colourful bangles

check it out ! X

Sunday, 20 March 2011


none of these photos are mine

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Lancome love/eyebrow envy

Im sad. I've lost my most favourite item in my makeup bag.
My Lancome eyebrow crayon!

My biggest hate is messy brows! Ive offered to pluck so many peoples brows its unreal, people underestimate the power of the eyebrow! It shapes your face naturally, so if you pluck them badly or let them grow uncontrollably your going to loose your natural brow shape.

And for me that is wear the crayon comes in. Ive never had too bushy or too little brows just poorly shaped, and I blame my mother. At the age of 14 I asked her to shape them for me and 20 minutes later I have one eyebrow that starts further in than the other! Its never grown back :( and that is why I swear by my lost Lancome crayon.

Ive included a video I found on youtube, its full of eyebrow shaping and defining tips with the use of a crayon.

Enjoy X

Cycling Shorts!

The cycling shorts have faded in and out of fashion since the 80's, originally used as part of exercise clothing they were then adopted by the likes of Mr Motivator who made them popular by sporting them on early morning TV shows.
This soon caught on and before you knew it stars like Olivia Newton-John were prancing around in music videos in lycra cycling shorts!

Since then the most renowned fashionista has been seen in a pair .. Alexa!

Oh beautiful Alexa, they may be lace but that doesnt mean they are any less of a pair of cycling shorts!

Cycling shorts @ HM
Denim hotpants @ Topshop
Blazer @ HM
Necklakce@ Topshop
Lace tube @ Asos

Ive had my cycling shorts for about a month now but Ive been waiting for the first day of spring to blog about them - like a celebratory blog for the new season!

This is the first outfit I threw together but you can do SO much more with them, since Ive gone for a more playful pair rather than black lace I think you can put them with almost any garment and colour to get 'I just threw this on' look.

Demin hotpants and cycling shorts go together like bread and butter :-).

Tip - you can make your own black cycling shorts by cutting some old thick tights!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bleach Blondes

I swear by Lee Stafford Bleack Blonde shampoo.

Im a natural brunette and started highlighting my hair around 4 years ago but last Christmas I went all out and died my hair white! As I had a pixie cut it wasnt too much on the eye or hard to handle until it started to grow out. I noticed with time my whiteness faded and turned a dirty blonde which was not a good look!
My friend told me about this product, saying that it targets only your brassy areas and as Im easily convinced by beauty products and will buy into almost anything (stupid I know) I gave it a shot!

And for once I actually dont regret forking out for a product that claims to work wonders - because it does!
Using it twice a week as given my hair a lease of life! and often I can go a little longer without having to redye it.

If you want to reboost your hair colour I suggest you give it ago X

Friday, 18 March 2011

i-D magazine

 I recently started following i-D on Twitter when they posted a link to their street style archive and Im in heaven! It is filled with orignal and inspiring outfits, quirky from head to toe and I absolutely LOVE it.
 I am going to be submitting a photo of myself shortly, if I get featured Ill post it here!

Love: the oversized man jacket - vintage at its very best!
Love: not only is the photograph set up perfectly, I cant help but adore her she looks so cute! the highwaisted black maxi skirt makes it. It has a gothic/post war feel to it.
Love: Leather! one of my favourite materials, she could be an extra in The Matrix being dressed head to toe in leather but it gets my vote.
Love: This is the first Ive featured a male and that is because I love his style, boys in flat caps are the dream! its gives the whole outfit that 'chimney sweep look' only then to be shunned by the lovely mix of colours throughout the layers of his suit. - lovely.
Love: first of all this woman reminds me of myself (minus the Lady GaGa specs) and secondly she probably does it better than me! She does the 'I just through this on' so well and her outfit instantly gives her quite an alluring character.
Love: At first I though '90's', then I thought '90's Alexa Chung', then I thought 'actually I like it'
She has such an innocent and care free look about her. I love snake skin skirt - I have one similar from H&M!
 One last thing which Im apprehensive to say but..she reminds me of a Pretty Woman extra aka 'Lady of the night' MEOW

 i-D is renowned for innotive photography and typography and has a youth culture vibe about it - I suggest you all give it ago.