Thursday, 2 June 2011


I finish almost every outfit off with blazer. I LOVE them, you could say I have a blazer fetish (?)
Whether it SS or AW I believe every outfit can be made sexy with a blazer. I love how they can instantly alter an out; sophisticated edge, the boyish look, military feel, or simply their ability to nip in a womanly waist or give a lengthen torso effect.

Spring Blazer
Blazer @ Topshop
A plain clean cut blazer can compliment almost any look.
I love this one for the tennis ball shoulders and 3/4 sleeves

Autumn blazer
(Sorry for the finger pose!)
Blazer @ vintage shop
This initially was my winter Autumn blazer but I embraced it through summer too.

Summer blazer
Blazer @ H&M
 Tangerine clothing is a summer must have whether it be heels, tops, trousers ANYTHING. Its gorgeous and brightens up any outfit

Boyfriend blazer
Blazer @ charity shop (I altered the buttons)
My winter blazer, this one is my most structured blazer, it has a bold shape and strong colour to it.


Very jealous.

faves for blazers; topshop,zara,h&m,marks and spencer,urban outfitters

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