Thursday, 9 June 2011

Worst and Best @ CFDA Fashion Awards

When Look magazine released these photos I didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Some bizarre outfits but of course some truly beautiful outfits. Now Im no expert but I have some very strong opinions on some of these dresses. Frankly many of them should be burnt. On that note; here's my worst and best dressed.

Rachel Roy (left) I dont really get this outfit, the colour is okay but the fabric and sheen makes it instantly look cheap. The bag and bangles go excellently together but they look like they are in the hands of the wrong woman!, The belt, buttons and ruffle are all standard details youd find on a highstreet piece, I dont know why she'd go for something so ghastly, she also does herself no favours standing Joy Bryant.

I feel like Im breaking the law putting Gaga in my worst dressed list, but it has to be done. We all know the Jessie J song where the lyrics are 'shoes so high you cant even have a good time' urmm..
I've got to admit the wig, hair and make up is lovely but the outfit needs explaining to me. I do understand that Gaga is renowned for a daring and risky outfits and I also know this is the fashion awards therefore Gaga must have been in her element here and took it as a great opportunity to go wild and excel her eccentricity.
But please! her nipples are out, her bum is out, she looks like a gothic princess when shes no more than a pop princess. hmm I just think this is too bizarre.
Betsy Johnson. My my my. Poorly fitting around her entire upper body, huge fish tailesque bouffant bottom and studded shoes. Enough said.

Chloe Sevigny. This outfit looks like some sort of naughty maid outfit?! for me theres too many looks going on here, leather sexy top leading onto a summery,sensible yet playful pencil skirt then bringing them both together to create these hideous shoes.

Jessica Alba. Anyone who colour blocks well gets a thumbs up from me, but to do it so glamorously while pregnant is just perfect. I love the shapes of everything here, it hangs in all the right places and most of all she looks quite comfortable!
Miranda Kerr looks stunning in this black maxi with thigh split. It is definately one of the sexiest outfits of the night but she certainly pulls is off. I love how almost casual she looks, effortlessly glam
Chanel Iman looks breathe taking in this teal dress. The fitting is beautiful and compliments her slim and slender body. Cut out shoulders can often look nothing more than a 90's mistake, but here it looks nothing less then pure elegance, the length of the dress is jsut oerfect for her height and to show off the gorgeous heels. This is most probably one of the most elegant outfits of Look magazines photo collection.

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  1. i have to agree :) jessica alba is amazing,i love miranda kerr and ch.iman chose a gorgeous colour!
    as for the comments lady gaga etc...disappointing..